· ADDRESS - The club and body position before swinging the club.

· AIM - The direction the player aligns to the target.

· ALIGNMENT - The way a player sets-up aim based on the direction of their shoulders, hips , feet and club face.

· AMERICAN SCRAMBLE - A competition format of golf play where two, three or four players form a team play. All players of that team execute all strokes on each hole to make up the score for that hole, whereby choosing the best stroke executed in the team. The players all move their balls to the  preferred  place or best position for each stoke and play on until finishing that hole. The scoring system may be Strokeplay, Matchplay or Stableford. (This is a fun type format of competitive golf and is highly  recommended  for beginners, average and good players playing compeditive golf together)

· AMATEUR - Amateur Golfers who participate and engage largely or entirely without remuneration.

· BACKSPIN - Reverse spin imparted to the ball.

· BACKSWING - The swing before impact.

· BALL - A dimpled ball weighing 46 grams and has a diameter 42,7 mm.

· BALANCE - Even distribution of your weight through the body during the set-up and maintaining this through the moving full golf swing. A key factor in executing a golf swing or stroke.

· BALL MARKER - A coin or round plastic flat object with a pin used for marking the ball on the green.

· BLADED OR HIT THIN - A poorly executed shot hit with the blade edge of the club with a low flight close to the ground.

· BIRDIE - This is a score made that is one stroke under the par on a particular hole.

· BOGEY - This is a score made that is one stroke over the par on a particular hole.

· BORROW - Term used when putting to allow for the turn of the ball when rolling to the hole.

· BUNKER - A bunker is a hazard which comprises an area of ground which has been prepared, usually by removing turf or soil to form a hollow to increase the difficulty of your shot. In most cases it is filled with sand.

· CADDY / CADDIE - A caddy, usually someone available at reasonable hire at the golf club, assists the player by carrying and handing him his clubs during his play.

· CADDY / CADDIE FEES - An amount paid to the caddie from services rendered.

· CADDY / CADDIE FEES - An amount paid over and above the normal caddy fee. (Optional: based on performance)

· CLUB FACE - The part of the clubhead with which the ball should be connected.

· CLUB GRIP - The upper part of the clubshaft which can be made out of rubber or leather.

· CLUB HEAD - Used to be made of steel and wood. Nowadays different materials are used such as copper, graphite, titanium, etc.

· CLUB HOSEL - The part where the clubshaft fits into the clubhead.

· CLUB LANE - Two clubs lying opposite each other, parallel to the target line.

· CLUB PATH - The line the clubhead swings along during the swing.

· CLUB PROFESSIONAL (PRO) - The Club Professional normally has a Pro Shop located at a golf club selling golf equipment and golf gear, They also usally run the local competions played at that golf course.

· CLUB PRO SHOP - Where the club professional is based with a shop stock with golf merchadise.

· CLUB SHAFT - The club part between the grip and the club head.

· CHIP SHOT - Short ball flight with long roll of the ball on the green.

· CLUB SOLE - Bottom of clubhead.

· DIVOT - The piece of turf which the player cuts from the fairway in the course of completing his swing.

· DOUBLE BOGEY - This is a score made that is two strokes over the par on a particular hole.

· DOWN THE LINE - The position looking from behind the player viewing the direction to the target, normally used for swing analysis and teaching purposes.              

· DRAW - The ball flies straight to the target and then curves at the end of it's flight towards the left.

· DRIVING RANGE - The practice area where the golfer can work on his swing by hitting one shot after another.

· DROP ZONE - A demarkated area for the golfer to drop their ball and play from.

· DOUBLE EAGLE OR ALBATROS - This is a score made that is three strokes under the par on a particular hole.

· DUCK HOOK OR SNAP HOOK - The ball flies straight to the target and then curves severly during it's flight to the left of the target.

· DUFF SHOT - A pooly executed shot that has not gone very far from the position hit.

· EAGLE - This is a score made that is two strokes under the par on a particular hole.

· ETIQUETTE - The behaviour of the player on the golf course.

· FADE - The ball flies straight to the target and then curves at the end of it's flight towards the right.

· FAIRWAY - Mowed area of the course which lies between the tee and the green, into which you aim to hit your ball.

· FLAG & FLAGSTICK - The flag & flagstick indicates the position of the hole on the green.

· FLYER - A shot hit normally out of the rough that flies over the green or target.

· FOLLOW THROUGH - The swing after impact.

· FORE - A warning  shouted to other players on the golf course of a wayward shot is played when a ball is headed towards them.

· FOURSOMES - A format of compeditive golf play whereby two players partner as a team with both players participating in playing alternate strokes until holed. The scoring system may be Strokeplay, Matchplay or Stableford.

· FRINGE OR APRON - The area immediately surrounding the green, normally trimmed shorter than the fairway.

· FRONT ON - The position looking straight on viewer a player for swing analysis.

· GOLF BAG - A container or carry bag to carry your golf equipment in.

· GOLF CART - A sit on drivable golf cart power by battery or feul used to get around the golf course for golfers.

· GOLF CLUB OR COUNTRY CLUB - This is where the golf members and vistors congregate to play the golf course and other social functions.

· GOLF COURSE - Normally 18 holes set-out within a Golf Clubs Land, Golf Estate or Country Club. There are also 9 Hole golf courses that have 18 different tee boxes using the 9 greens.

· GOLF GLOVE - A leather glove helps you to keep a firm grip on the club during the golf swing.

· GOLF RULE BOOK - A book of golf rules should be carried by all golfers, and referenced during golf play, the golf rule book is written and altered by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, Scotland (R & A) And the United States Golf Association (USGA).

· GREEN - The green is an area of smoothly trimmed grass on which the hole marked with a flag is sited.

· GREEN FEES - A payable amount before you play that is paid to the golf club or pro shop.

· GREENS KEEPER - An apointed person taking care of the greens, fairways and general mainenance of the golf course.

· GREENSOMES - A format of compeditive golf play whereby two players partner as a team, both players drive choosing the best or prefered position then alternate players strokes are played for the rest of the hole until holed. The scoring system may be Strokeplay, Matchplay or Stableford.

· GROSS SCORE - The total score for 9 or 18 holes before deducting your handicap.

· GROOVES - Filed-in lines in the clubface to give the ball more backspin.

· G.U.R. - Ground Under Repair. Usally a demarkated area where the golfer would be allowed a free drop in a marked drop zone area.

· HANDICAP - The deduction of the par amount for 18 holes from the total number of shots played on the course (score).

· HAZARD - A "hazard" is any bunker or water filled depression designed to impede your play should your ball fall into one of them.

· HEAD COVERS - Covers for the metal woods, irons and putter to prevent scratches.

· HEEL - The part of the clubface closest to the clubshaft.

· HYBRID CLUB - A hybrid is a type of club with a design borrowing from both irons and woods while differing from both.

· HOLE - The hole of 10,7 cm diameter on each green.

· HOLE IN ONE OR ACE - Hole the ball from tee to green in one stroke.

· HOLE OF GOLF - The play from the tee to the green.

· HOLED OUT - Putt the ball until it disappears into the hole.

· HONOUR - The privilege given to the player who hits first off the tee.

· HOOK - The ball flies in a straight path towards the right of the target and curves towards the left at the end of the ball flight.

· INSIDE SWING PATH - Any movement which takes place on the side of the target line on which the player stands.

· IMPACT - The moment the clubhead connects or strikes the ball.

· IRONS - Golf clubs with iron, steel or copper heads.

· LATERAL WATER HAZARD -  A "lateral water hazard" is a water hazard or that part of a water hazard so situated that it is not possible, or is deemed by the Committee to be impracticable, to drop a ball behind the water hazard in accordance with Rule 26-1b. All ground and water within the margin of a lateral water hazard are part of the lateral water hazard. The Laterial water hazard is normally staked to define the edge. The Committee may make a Local Rule prohibiting play from an environmentally-sensitive area defined as a lateral water hazard.

· LEADING EDGE - Front edge of clubsole.

· LIE - Angle of the shaft to the ground if the clubsole contacts the ground correctly.

· LINE OF SIGHT - Keeping the line of the flagstick or target whilst dropping to play the next stroke.

· LOCAL GOLF RULES - This is a list of local rules normally written on the back of the score card. The local club golf committee sets the rules in terms of local boundries such as ’out of bounds’, lateral water hazards, water hazards, gardens, ground under repair and prefered lies etc.

· LOFT - Angle between the vertical line to the ground and the clubface.

· MASHY GOLF - This is a golf course designed for pitching, chipping and putting only.

· MATCH PLAY - Golf Play where two players play against each other, scoring base on winning by the number of holes won and not the least number of strokes played.              

· MUSCLE MEMORY - Training your body movements to memorize correct swing actions.

· NETT SCORE - The total score for 18 holes after deducting your handicap. (Gross Score minus your handicap)

· OBSTACLE - A hindrance such as bunkers, trees or water.

· OUT-OF-BOUNDS - Area of the course where play is prohibited.

· OUTSIDE SWING PATH - Any movement which takes place on the side of the target line opposite to that on which the player stands.

· PAR - The score which a 'scratch golfer', playing under normal conditions, would be expected to achieve on a hole.

· PGA - Professional Golfers Association.

· PITCH SHOT - A high, short ball flight with little roll on the green.

· PITCH MARK - The mark left on the green caused by the ball, where the ball pitches.

· PITCHING WEDGE - Iron with very lofted clubface (approximately 52 - 54 degree loft). The club is used for high shots on the green.

· PREFERRED LIE - Normally a local rule when you are permitted to place the ball on the fairway as a result of poor fairways or very wet fairways.

· PROFESSIONAL (Pro) - A golf player who earns money by his involvement with the golf game.

· PROFESSIONAL GOLF INSTRUCTOR (Pro) - A professional who teaches others to play the game of golf.

· PULL HOOK - The ball flies first in a straight path towards the left of the target and curves at the end of it's flight further towards the left.

· PULL SHOT - The ball flies in a straight path towards the left of the target.

· PUSH SHOT - The ball flies in a straight path towards the right of the target.              

· PUTT - Stroke made on the green.

· PUTTER - Club used on the green to execute the putt.

· PUSH SLICE - The ball flies first in a straight path towards the right of the target and then curves at the end of its flight further towards the right.

· QUADRUPLE BOGEY - This is a score made that is four strokes over the par on a particular hole.

· R&A - Royal and Anceint.

· ROUGH - An area of relatively unkept ground which flanks the fairways. It usually comprises fairly long grass.

· RHYTHM - a consistent regular, repeated pattern of movements and activities in the golf swing.

· SAND WEDGE - Iron club with the most loft (approximately 56 - 64 degree loft). The club is used mainly for high shots or in the bunker around the green.

· SEMI-ROUGH - An area between the fairway and rough normally maintained but not closely mown as the fairway giving the player some grace when missing the fairway.

· SCORE - Playing result.

· SCORE CARD - Card to keep track of the accumulating score and to work out the result.

· SHANK - The ball flies immediately after contact sharply to the right of the target hit with the club head toe or heel.

· SHOULDER AXIS - Horizontal axis which runs through the right and left shoulder.

· SKY SHOT - The ball flies steeply into the sky gaining little distance.

· SLICE - The ball flies in a straight path towards the left of the target and curves towards the right at the end of the ball flight.

· SQUARE - Right angle (90 degrees) lines to target in the stance.

· STABLEFORD - Golf Play whereby the player score by points based on their handicap applicable for each hole.

· STRAIGHT BALL - The ball flies straight towards the target.

· STROKE - A stroke is the forward swing of the club which aims at both fairly striking the ball and moving it towards your target area.

· STROKE PLAY OR MEDAL PLAY - A round of golf in which the score is kept by adding the cumulative total of strokes taken throughout the round, the golfer counts each stroke taken on a hole, until the ball is in the cup.

· SWEET SPOT - Centre of the club face and ideal connection area for the ball.

· SWING PLANE - The resultant of a swing action creating the plane of the swing.

· TARGET LINE - Imaginary line extending from golfer's ball to target.

· TEE OR PEG - A plastic or wooden peg use to tee up the ball for the first stroke of the hole on the ‘Tee Box’.

· TEE BOX - At the start of each hole the players will start their first stroke from a flattened manacured area known as the tee box.

· TEE SHOT - Each player's first shot at each new hole.

· TEE UP - Put the ball on a tee.

· TEE BOX MARKERS - On each Tee Box players will play their first stroke from this position between the two markers and no closer to the hole.

· TOE - The part of the club face furthest from the club shaft.

· TOPPED SHOT - The ball skims along the ground or will have a low flight and then roll.

· TOP OF THE CLUB HEAD TROLLEY - Upper part of the club head.

· TRIPLE BOGEY - This is a score made that is three strokes over the par on a particular hole.

· TROLLEY CART - Pulling cart for the golf bag.

· USGA - United States Golfers Association.

· WATER HAZARD - Any sea, lake, pond, river, ditch, surface drainage ditch or other open water course (whether or not containing water) and anything of a similar nature is a water hazard. However, there are two different forms of water hazard – a normal water hazard and a lateral water hazard.

· YARDAGE MAKERS - These are distance markers indicating the distance on the fairway to the front of the edge of the green.

· YARDAGE BOOK (Players) - This is a book showing how far you hit each club in your bag. This record should be measured on a regular basis for current records. This would be recorded at the practice or driving range. This will be cross check against the distance you have left to the pin calculated from the distance markers and pin position book while playing the hole.

· YARDAGE BOOK (Course) - The is a booklet showing yardages or distances from markers, stakes or features on the golf course normally measured to the front edge of the green for each hole on the course, this normally can also include the cut pin placements for each hole on the greens.

· YIPS or THE YIPS - In golf his is a disorder that occurs in putting. The technical terms is focal dystonia, an occurrence when an athlete suddenly  losses their ability to perform for no known reasons.